Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lisa's Forward Progress: August Start

The project number in the Making Forward Progress Challenge for August is #3. From my project list, this is a project I've been not wanting to deal with for a long time. It's Rob's beer themed t-shirt quilt. This same project came up for me last year in the APQ Challenge. At that time, I had signed up for and watched a class on Craftsy for making a t-shirt quilt that was in line with my idea of what I wanted to do. Instead of the typical "cut your shirts to x size square", it works with multiple size prints from the t-shirts and adds more interesting elements.

As suggested, I had watched the entire class start to finish last year. My next step is to go back through the class demonstration and execute the steps. First up will be to select and trim the t-shirts. As much as I'd like to finish this quilt without Rob knowing, I think I'll need his input to determine which t-shirts mean the most to him to include (and maybe in doing so I can coax a few more out of his drawer). My goal for this month will be to trim all of the shirts and add the fusible.

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