Tuesday, February 9, 2016

UFO Challenge: February 2016

The number for February's UFO in the APQ UFO challenge is which means I am working on pillow covers for my back porch chairs this month. Last Thanksgiving I was visiting North Carolina and found this fun fabric which I thought would make good covers for the pillows on our porch chairs. At the beginning of the month it is a piece of fabric and a plan. 
Chili Pepper Fabric for pillow covers

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

It snowed here yesterday (I thought we were going to get an early spring) and I decided some spring flowers were in order to take my mind off the shoveling to be done. I'm linking this up with Saturday Snapshot at West Metro Mommy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lisa's UFO Challenge: February 2016

The number selected for February's #APQResolution UFO Challenge is #5. This means I should be working on the Blue & Brown Smith Mountain Morning quilt. At the time I compiled my challenge list, I needed to add an inner and outer border to the quilt top, assemble the backing (a pieced backing using up the left over strips from the quilt top), and make binding. I actually completed all of these things in January & have an appointment to deliver it for long arm quilting on February 27th.

Since that project is as complete as I can have it at the moment, I will drop to the first item on my alternate list, which is a Tulip Applique. I saw this applique on display at one of the first quilt shows I attended & thought it was fabulous - I do love tulips! I was ready to jump in and purchase the full kit (pattern + fabrics), but my voice of reason (that would be Mary) was with me so I ended up purchasing only the pattern. This is what I would like to accomplish for February:
  • Pick out the fabrics needed (may be a combo of my stash, shopping in Mary's stash, and a side trip to Patches
  • Cut out the pieces for the applique
  • Assemble the quilt top
  • Quilting would be a bonus!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lisa's UFO Report: January 2016

My January goal for the #APQResolution UFO Challenge was to make progress on the Little Bits paper piecing kits that I purchased a few years ago & have been sitting in my closet ever since. I've never paper pieced before, so I had thought that these would be a good way to learn & get some practice.

Fish Block
I knew my friends Mary & Amanda were going to give me some pointers later in the month at our quilt guild winter retreat, but I was eager to get started earlier in January to see what I was in for. After watching a Paper Piecing Made Easy video on YouTube, I tackled one of the fish blocks. This was a fairly simple block, with only nine sections, and it went together easily. I used some scraps that happened to be sitting on my cutting table from a recent project & this was the result. I did not make any other fish blocks in January, but have picked out some additional scraps from Mary's stash to make some more at a later date.

I decided to move on to picking out & cutting fabrics needed for the haunted house kit in preparation for retreat. I was able to pick out & make up most of the kits for the individual sections from my fabric stash & supplemented the rest from 'stash shopping' at Mary's (thank you Mary!). I arrived at retreat all ready to go. Mary & Amanda use a different method of paper piecing than I used on the fish called the Carol Doak method. After a quick lesson & some questions along the way, I found this method to be much more efficient.
Prepping Haunted House Kits
Making Progress
I was able to complete the quilt top for the haunted house & was very happy with how it turned out - the shingle fabric that Mary had was perfect for the house. Next steps will be to finish removing the paper backing, quilt, bind, and maybe add some bling-y embellishments. But I am considering my goal for January a success! 

'Completed' Haunted House

Sunday, January 31, 2016

UFO Report: January 2016

My January project for the #APQResolution UFO challenge was a veggie wall hanging kit.  Progress on this UFO included:
  • Thinking about and sketching out various designs for these appliques -- I love the individual veggie appliques but am not excited about the way the kit suggested putting them together as one big still life
  • Buying the fusible for the applique
  • Tracing a lot of veggies onto the fusible
Veggie shapes traced onto fusible web
Some of the block layouts

  • Picking out fabrics and prepping the applique pieces for 6 different veggie blocks
  • Working out a layout the 6 blocks will fit in
The next step is to assemble the blocks I worked out. I also need to buy the cucumber fabric I saw on Thursday (and should have bought then) to use for sashing. I did not finish this project (not even close)  but I did make a lot of progress and now I have a plan for a veggie quilt I am excited about. 

All the veggie appliques for the revised quilt design

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

Last week we were in New York for my nephew's birthday party. This was his cake -- a moose cake filled with mousse. It was designed, baked, and decorated by my sister. It was delicous! Linking up with Saturday Snapshot.