Friday, January 13, 2017

Lisa's 2017 'Making Forward Progress' List

In addition to the All People Quilt UFO Challenge, I've decided to do the Making Forward Progress Challenge hosted by Mary at the Urban Quilter. Not all of these projects are sewing or quilt related, but are things I would like to make progress on.

  1. Sherri's Quilt - This will be a quilt for my sister. She wants a quilt in earth tones, so I will decide on a pattern & have fun fabric shopping.  
  2. Halloween Quilt - I've collected random Halloween themed fabrics over the past few years. They now need a quilt plan!
  3. Rob's T-shirt Quilt - I have a collection of Rob's beer themed t-shirts, cut the fronts, purchased fusible, and watched an online class for making the "Ultimate T-shirt Quilt". I'm looking forward to getting the design worked out now.
  4. Haunted House Wall Hanging - I've completed the quilt top for this paper pieced wall hanging, and now need to quilt (I don't know if I will machine or hand quilt this) and bind.
  5. PJs or Robe - I have Where the Wild Things Are themed flannel fabric that I want to make into pyjama bottoms or a bath robe.
  6. Maple Leaf Quilt - This is a quilt for my nephew, in blues & whites to make a Toronto Maple Leafs themed quilt. I've started cutting the pieces I need for the blocks, so need to finish that and start piecing the blocks. 
  7. Scrapbook Album - When this project comes up I will pick one of my unfinished albums to work on (likely candidates will be Scotland, Heritage, Alaska, or wedding).
  8. Spice Cabinet - This is a tole painting project. It's a small spice cabinet that I need to finish painting the doors on. Then hopefully I can find a home to give it away to.
  9. Monarch Cross Stitch - This is a cross stitch pattern I started a few years ago. The goal will be to make a decent amount of progress or decide to permanently abandon it & clear out all of my cross stitch supplies. If it is the latter, I will consider it progress!
  10. Southwest Quilt - I have fabrics and selected a pattern. I need to work out the math for the size of my quilt blocks & get started. 
  11. Yellow & Orange Jelly Roll - This is a set of strips in varying shades of yellow and orange. I hope Mary's #12 project on her list comes up before this, as I think that may be the pattern I want to use for this quilt. 
  12. Christmas Jelly Roll - I received this jelly roll for Christmas, and need to make a plan for it.
In case I finish one of the above projects before it comes up in the rotation, I will pick an alternate project from this list:
  1. Race T-Shirt Quilt - I have a stack of t-shirts from races I have done in my closet, and either need to decide to turn them into a quilt, or clear them out.
  2. Marcie's Maze - I have all of the quilt blocks finished for this quilt and now need to assemble and quilt.
  3. Colored Happy - This quilt top is almost complete (I just need to sew the rows of blocks together), and then quilt it.
  4. Linda & Mike's Quilt - This is a not yet started project that is long overdue. I would like to make a bargello.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mary's 2017 Project List

Here is my list of projects for the 2017 Making Forward Progress Challenge.

  1. Light/Bright Stars Quilt
    The main part of the quilt is designed and most of the units are sewn for that. I need to finish assembling the rows and then design the border for it. This was going to be a pattern, but the assembly is proving complicated to explain so it may or may not end up as a pattern.
  2. Tardis Skirt
    I have fabric and a pattern in a bag ready to cut out.
  3. Flag Quilts
    I have lots of squares cut for this and half-squares sewn. I need to assemble the units into rows and make the star block for the corner. I probably have enough pieces cut to make more than one. This is also an in-progress pattern so I need to figure out what needs revising in the last draft of the pattern.
  4. Sunny Lanes Christmas Quilt
    All the 5" squares are cut from Christmas fabrics (this is a pattern from the Nickel Quilts book) and I need to start assembling units.
  5. Arkansas Tote
    This is a paper piece block (called 'Arkansas') for which I have all the pieces cut out and which I plan to put on the front of a tote bag. 
  6. Bathrobe
    Last year I cut out the pattern for a new bathrobe for myself. I need to actually put it together.
  7. North Woods Quilt
    I made this quilt as a wedding present for my husband 16 years ago. At the time I tied it (and got it done before the wedding) but it would be better if it were quilted. I took it apart last year and have been waiting for T to decide if he wanted it hand or machine quilted. He has chosen machine (in the hope it will get done in our lifetimes) so I need to get batting for it and proceed with basting and quilting.
  8. Book Purses
    I have a bundle of various book-themed fabrics that I want to make into small purses, not sure how many until I get the fabrics grouped together. 
  9. Butterfly Quilt
    This is a stained-glass quilt pattern that I put together last year and now need to quilt. The quilting is creating the "leading" in the design.
  10. Vegetable Quilt
    This is another quilt top that got assembled last year and now needs quilting. It is basted and ready to start custom quilting on.
  11. Irish Chain
    This is my oldest UFO. I have been working on hand quilting it since sometime in college. I worked on it a little in last year's UFO challenge, but there are acres more of it to be quilted.
  12. Batik Jelly Roll Quilt
    This is a quilt top I designed for a single jelly roll and which I made in Christmas fabrics before. I want to make it in batiks and neutrals. I have all the strips collected.
ALTERNATES -in case I have finished the project listed for a particular number by the time it is drawn (why not be optimistic?) 
  • Tropical Quilt
    A huge paper-piecing project that I have been chipping away at for quite a few years now. I have 4 more blocks to paper piece, all the blocks need borders (curved piecing!) on them and appliqued centers added. There is another layer of applique after the blocks are assembled. I have no idea what I was thinking when I took on this monster.
  • Floral Shopper
    This was on last year's UFO list and is still unfinished.
  • Convergence Quilt
    The center of this quilt is done. I need to figure out what kind of borders it needs.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making Forward Progress Project Lists

If you want to participate in the Making Forward Progress 2017 Challenge please create your list of projects (numbered 1-12), post them on your blog (or Facebook, or whatever) and link the post below.

This linky will close at midnight on January 31. I will post the first forward progress number, with a linkup for posts about your progress on that project on February 1. After this month the linkup for the month will go up on the last day of each previous month.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lisa's 2017 APQ UFO Challenge

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the #APQResolution UFO Challenge in 2016. I made far more progress on projects than I would have otherwise, and have decided to take the challenge for 2017! Below is my list of (almost*) randomly picked projects for 2017.

*Since I am 5 days into January, I already know the selected project for the month is
#6. I also know that I have one project I need to finish in January, so I am slotting that into the #6 position. All other projects are randomly selected. A number of these are continuations from last year.

Here are my 12 projects for 2017:

  1. Marcie's Maze Quilt (quilt blocks are complete, next is to add sashing & borders)
  2. Tulip Wall Hanging (applique is fused, need to quilt & bind)
  3. Colored Happy Quilt (finished blocks are sewn into rows, need to sew the rows together & quilt)
  4. Ruler Tote (I've actually used the tote, but want to add the lining to finish) 
  5. Charity Quilt (guild charity quilt, just needs binding)
  6. Tumalo Trail batik quilt (guild fabric swap from Jan 2016, goal to complete quilt top in Jan 2017)
  7. Monarch Butterfly paper piecing (started, goal is to finish quilt top)
  8. Wild Things Quilt (with the help of my good friend Mary, the quilt is pin basted, now onto quilting and binding)
  9. Block of the Month Star quilt (same status as #8!)
  10. Birdhouse Cabinet (non-quilting; painting project long overdue for a finish)
  11. Scotland/Ireland/England scrapbook (non-quilting, was on my alternate list last year, so did not touch it)
  12. Maple Leaf Quilt (also on my alternate list last year, still in the process of cutting pieces for blocks)
If I happen  to finish one of these projects before it comes up in the rotation, I'll go to the next one in the list below:
  1. Machine Quilting Practice Panels
  2. Heritage Album (non-quilting, scrapbooking project)
  3. Mystery Challenge Quilt (quilt top complete, need to quilt & finish)
  4. Flag Quilt (just have troublesome binding corners and hanging/rod pocket to complete)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lisa's UFO Report: December 2016

It was a busy end of the year, so I'm a little late posting my results from December for the #APQResolution UFO Challenge. I had skipped the selected project for December and went to one of my alternate projects since I have a hard deadline - my goal is to finish the Tumalo Trail quilt top that was a fabric swap with guild members at the winter retreat last January. I want to have the quilt top finished by the next retreat, which is the end of January 2017.

At the beginning of December, I had not yet opened my packets that my fellow swappers gave me last year. At the end of December, I had opened, sorted, and pressed all of the strips. I sewed all of the strip sets together needed for the 9 patch units (all 210!), and started slicing the strip sets into 1.2 inch sections.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the APQ Resolution Challenge. I made significantly more progress on projects than I would have otherwise in 2016!   

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Making Forward Progress in 2017

During 2016 I was participating in the #apqresolution challenge to complete UFOs (unfinished objects). I did find this a somewhat motivating tool and got some UFOs finished, as did some of my friends who played along.
However, I felt like the goal of completing UFOs wasn't really what I wanted, and the UFO part of it was limiting. For 2017 I have a different plan. 
Between February 2017 and January 2018 (because why must a challenge begin in January?) I am challenging myself to make forward progress on a project chosen by a random number draw. During the coming month (January 2017) I will come up with and post a list of 12 projects (mostly quilting, some other things as well perhaps) that I want to make forward progress on this year. I will draw a random number on the last day of each month and that will be the number of the project for the next month. If anyone would like to join me in this challenge (your projects don't need to be quilt related) please leave a comment. If there is interest I will set up linkies where we can share our goals/progress each month. 
Let's see how much progress we can make on our projects in 2017!