Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mary's July Start

Vegetable quilt, July 2018
Project #7 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is my vegetable quilt. I started quilting it, but it has a couple more blocks--beets and peppers--to quilt as well as the borders. My goal is to get the quilting finished and at least cut the binding. I want to finish it this year, but am not sure it will get done in the next couple of weeks. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lisa's Post: A Comfort Quilt

Usually I'm guest posting here on Mary's blog for Making Forward Progress, but this post is about a different project. Last Sunday, Mary arrived home from vacation, and we let her know that my mother-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer and would be starting chemo the following Monday. Mary suggested that we work together to make a quilt for my mother-in-law as she knew that people are often cold when going through treatment - so a lap quilt not only would be a practical thing, but also would let 'mom' know we were thinking about her.

The challenge was that the quilt needed to be finished in six days when my husband  was leaving to Nova Scotia to be with her for a week.

We quickly decided on a pattern (friendship star), and pulled cream neutrals from Mary's stash for the background and a set of batiks from mine for the stars. We each sewed 10 blocks, and then came back together to add sashing, assemble the quilt top, piece together a backing, and pin baste the quilt. Mary quilted it, and I made the binding and machine sewed that to the front of the quilt. We both worked on hand-sewing the binding to the back. Great teamwork that resulted in a beautiful quilt, finished in time!

Pieced Backing

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Making Forward Progress July 2018

Welcome to the July link-up for the 2018 Making Forward Progress Challenge. This month's project is number 7. Please write at least one post about your project and share with us:
  • What your project for this month is 
  • The status of the project at the beginning of the month
  • What the very next step you need to take to move the project forward is
  • The status of the project by the end of the month
  • Whatever details you want to share about your work on the project during the month
  • Pictures included in your post are awesome, but not required
This can be a post at the beginning and a post at the end of the month, or it can be one post at the end of the month with all the info on how the project went for the month. Do what works best for you. 
All posts related to your July project (#7 from your list) should be linked below. For help on linking Facebook posts check out Lisa's Linky Tips
“We should strive to welcome change and challenges, because they are what help us grow…We need to constantly be challenging ourselves in order to strengthen our character and increase our intelligence. ” ― H.G. Wells, The Time Machine
Let the progress begin!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mary's June Progress

On location at Great North Aleworks
I finished my June Forward Progress project! The goal was to complete this skirt which was cut out and ready to assemble at the start of June.
I have made skirts from this pattern many times before (in Tardis fabric, and a yellow print, for example) but this time I added pockets in the side seams. The pattern doesn't include pockets in the skirt but it does in the pants variation. I used the pants pockets and figured out the placement. They came out ok, but a bit deeper would be better, so the pocket pattern piece will need to be reshaped a bit next time.
I am linking this up with one-monthly-goal as well as the Forward Progress Challenge.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Book Report: Gingham Aprons

Gingham Aprons of the '40s & 50s: A Checkered PastGingham Aprons of the '40s & 50s: A Checkered Past
by Judy Florence
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is primarily a gallery of gingham aprons from the authors vast collection. Most include embroidery (like cross-stitching, but using the squares of the gingham for the grid) and many have rick-rack as well. If you happened to have a large quantity of rick-rack on hand there are numerous ideas here for how to use it in apron designs. Many of them have the rick-rack attached with embroidery floss which creates an additional design element on the rick-rack. I didn't find this entirely appealing. When it was done with tiny rick-rack the stitching makes it look like a twisted ribbon which was very cool.
Looking for more apron books? Check out this goodreads list: Sewing Aprons

Sunday, June 10, 2018


When my Mom died last year I put together 2 scrap quilts from fabrics from her clothes, one for me and one for my sister. My sister's quilt is now finished.
G's Mom Quilt
I used the "Brave World" pattern from Nickel Quilts with some modifications to make it the size I wanted. Because Mom's favorite color was blue we chose blues for the background and sashing. I had the quilting done by Celestial Quilting in a pattern of butterflies (another Mom favorite) and it came out beautifully. My quilt is basically the same and only needs binding added to be completed.