Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mary's October Finish

Mushroom Apron, October 2018
My October Project (#3 on my 2018 Forward Progress list) was my mushroom apron which I finished. As I expected the toughest part of it was just sitting down to do it. I ended up using all the original pieces except the facing. I lined the whole thing with a tan cotton from my stash and top stitched the ties and pocket in a dark tan (mushroom colored) thread and top stitched the body of the apron in a neutral to match the muslin.
Embroidery on Pocket

Top edge embroidery detail

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Log Cabin Update

I have finished 24 log cabin blocks since my last LC update which brings me to a total of 48 done. I have the centers sewed to white squares for 48 more. This week's picture is the most likely set for my quilt as I love how log cabin blocks look set in the barn raising pattern. I did not arrange these blocks very well for the picture as all the yellow is in clumps. Will need to be careful about that when it comes time to arrange the quilt top.

I am linking up this week with Log Cabin Loonies and Oh Scrap! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Mary's October Start

Beginning of a Mushroom Apron 
Project #3 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is my mushroom apron. At the start of the month this is a piece of muslin with a cute toadstool design embroidered on it. I did this kind of work when I was a teenager, though not really since then, so it was probably stitched then. I found it in a bag with a note that I was planning to sew up into an apron and a good amount of progress had been made in that direction. The main piece is cut into an apron shape, there are muslin ties created and attached, and a facing around the top edges. The construction approach of the facing is not how I would construct an apron now, so the very next step is to take that apart. I found a piece of beige cotton in my stash which will work well for a lining, so I will use that to finish the apron and add a pocket with the embroidered square. My goal for the month is to finish this apron.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Log Cabin Update

I have finished a dozen more little log cabin blocks this week. 
12 little log cabin blocks finished this week
I did some organizing of my strips, making them into piles of 6 and pinning them so I can chop off a stack of pieces in the length I need for the next round in the blocks and that has sped up the process a bit. I have not been cutting the logs exactly to length as I go along but have sewed the pieces on and then cut off the excess from each block with shears before I finger press the piece toward the outside. This has worked fine as my blocks have come out the size they are supposed to and it saved me a lot of advance cutting which I find really tedious. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do with these blocks (or, therefor how many I need to make) but plan to try out different arrangements for each progress picture and see what appeals to me as a setting.

I am linking up this week with Log Cabin Loonies and Oh Scrap! I am going to try to do log cabin updates on Thursdays, but didn't get on track for that this week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Lisa's September Finish & October Start

My September project for Making Forward Progress was Rob's Beer T-shirt quilt. I did make progress, but nothing exciting enough for a picture. I did purchase the fusible interfacing I needed to finish backing the remaining shirts...then I found I had already purchased it last year when I worked on it, oops. I also managed to apply the fusible to 20+ more shirts, which only leaves a few small ones left.

The project number for October is #3. On my list, this is a tulip applique wall hanging. I have completed the all of the applique, except for the word "Tulip". My next step to move this project forward is to decide what to do for a border. I have a number of fabric options, but need to decide whether I want one or two borders & choose the color. Once the border is on, I'll need to baste & machine quilt.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies

My basket of 1" strips ready to sew
I was reading Quilting is More Fun than Housework (which is a great name for a blog!) late last week and came across a project called Log Cabin Loonies hosted on JulieKQuilts. There was a post back in August about making little log cabin blocks from strings and I was totally inspired!
I have a HUGE bag of strips/scraps that I have been saving to make string quilts from. I have made a couple string quilts in recent years but the bag is so full you can't even tell I have used any of them. This weekend I pressed a bunch of the scraps and cut 1" strips out of them (in white/cream and in colors that I thought looked good together) and put them in a pretty basket.

I decided to use bright pink for all my centers and cut a bunch of squares from a few different pinks from the scrap bag. I made a test block (as JulieK recommends) which was an excellent thing because when it was made I didn't like the way the 1.5" center square looked in my block. I made a second test block with a 1" center square and liked it much better. I have made 6 little log cabins so far and have materials prepped and ready to sew for lots more.
6 scrappy log cabin blocks
I am linking up with Log Cabin Loonies and Oh Scrap! and am looking forward to fun with log cabin blocks in the coming weeks!