Monday, May 2, 2016

Lisa's UFO Challenge: May 2016

And, we are onto May! The project for this month's #APQResolution UFO Challenge is #7. For me this is making a Quilter's Tote to be used for transporting rulers & cutting mats. I saw someone at a quilt retreat with a nifty one of these a few years ago. My friend Mary found out that she had made the tote & she shared the pattern with us. I bought some quilting/sewing themed novelty fabric shortly after that at a quilt show & the fabric and pattern have been untouched for a few years now.

This month's goal will be to complete the tote. I may have to make a few adjustments to the pattern to make sure it fits my rulers, mat, and potentially my extension table for my sewing machine. I also think I'll need to get some co-ordinating fabric for the pockets & straps (this will likely be found by 'shopping' in Mary's stash).

Lisa's UFO Report: April 2016

My April goal for the #APQResolution UFO Challenge was to come up with a plan to use a Moda Fiji Batiks Jelly Roll that my husband gave to me for Christmas. The main goal was to find a pattern for a lap sized quilt that these strips would go into - anything on top of that was going to be an added bonus.

I looked at several options for jelly roll quilts, and decided on Marcie's Maze. I realized a while later that this was the same pattern as a quilt I loved at a recent quilt show that I had taken a picture of.

With a wide range of strip colors, the tough part was finding a background fabric that would work well & make the various colored strips pop. A white/light fabric seemed to be a logical choice, but I wanted something a little brighter. I eventually settled on a bright apple-y green fabric.

By the end of April, I got all of the pieces cut needed to assemble the blocks, and have all of the background pieces sewn to the center squares & ends of strips. I've just started pairing up which strips will go together with the center squares. So not a completed quilt top, but lots of progress in April!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

Our azalea began blooming this week. Spring may turn up in New Hampshire yet.
April 22, 2016, Manchester, NH

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Q2 Finish-Along Goals

I totally missed setting any Q1 Finish-along goals, and now that I am seeing the fabulous Q1 finishes I am regretting that I didn't set goals and get things done!

Q2 is beginning and I'm jumping in this time. Between now and the end of June 2016 I want to finish:

  • My French print apron (the April UFO project)
  • The quilt I began at January's quilt retreat (it will hopefully be a pattern as well, but the quilt itself is the goal for this quarter)
  • The brown purse I am making for my Mom 
  • The veggie quilt that was January's UFO

Sunday, April 3, 2016

UFO Challenge: April 2016

The number for April's UFO in the APQ UFO challenge is 1 so this month I will be working on a French-print apron. I saw a great quilted apron at a fancy kitchen shop and liked everything about it but the price. I decided I could make one for myself and when I came across a red and white French kitchen print fabric at Quilted Threads I bought it intending to make a similar apron. That was quite a few years ago and the fabric has been in a drawer ever since.
Fabrics destined to be an apron
I need to decide on the exact design I want to use, cut the pieces, quilt the fabric, and assemble the apron. This should be do-able in a month, though this particular month's calendar promises to be pretty crazy. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Lisa's UFO Challenge: April 2016

April's selected project number in the #APQResolution UFO Challenge is #1. For me, this will be the Moda Fiji Batiks Jelly Roll. This is my second month in a row where I have materials in my closet, but no plan for what to do with them!

My main goal for April will be to come up with a plan for a quilt that will use up this fabulous jelly roll. This may also include purchasing a background fabric, depending on the pattern/design I decide on. I'm also hoping I will be as productive as I was in March though, and also get a quilt top complete.

And now for one of the best parts...I get to unroll this wonderful package and see what the fabric strips really look like. I have been forcing myself not to unroll it until I was ready to use it, and I have to say that has been really tough!