Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lisa's UFO Challenge: November 2016

Well, October was not very successful, and we are almost at the end of November as I post what my November #APQResolution UFO Challenge is . The selected project is #9. For me that is my Block of the Month Star Lap Quilt.

A few years ago, my quilt guild did a block of the month that had a star block theme. Each month a different star block was the chosen pattern, and the goal was to use black and white with a splash of color. It was encouraged to make two blocks each to keep for yourself, and one to contribute to be made into charity quilts. I decided to participate & made all of my blocks using the same black and white background fabrics, and a different splash of color for each month. 

At the time I signed up for the APQ challenge, I had my blocks finished. By the time this project came up, I actually had competed the quilt top with sashing and border (progress already!). As of November, I need to piece together the backing (I have the fabric), pin baste, and machine quilt. Let's see how far I get!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lisa's UFO Challenge: October 2016 (Post & Update)

I definitely fell behind in posting anything about my October project for the #APQResolution UFO Challenge. The selected project for October was #8, which is a beer t-shirt quilt. Since I have been quilting the past 4-5 years, I have made a lot of quilts for other people, but I have not yet made one for my husband (and he really deserves to have one!).  

I have a rule for Rob - for every new t-shirt he brings in the house, he needs to get rid of another one, because his t-shirt drawer is overflowing & I can't stand fighting with it when I put the laundry away. I convinced him to really reduce the shirts he has by telling him I would make a quilt out of any of the beer t-shirts he was willing to part with. This was a few years ago. I have laundered & 'rough cut' the shirts.  I also purchased  2 coordinating beer themed fabrics a few years ago with the intent of using in this quilt. All of that has been sitting in a bag in the closet for quite some time (I think that bag even spent a year sitting in Mary's sewing room as I was going to work on it at her house so Rob would not see the progress).

I knew October was going to be very busy in all other aspects of life, so was not sure how far I would get with this project. It definitely isn't finished, and is still barely started. But, I did spend a lot of time canoodling. One mental block I have had in starting this quilt has been in thinking about how to make the quilt so it is not just 12 inch blocks of t-shirt with sashing. I have a lot of shirts with varying sizes of logo & image I want to use, so want it to be a little more interesting than the typical t-shirt quilts I have seen.

At the end of October...I didn't sew a single thing. But I did sign up and watch a class I had been eyeing for a long time on Craftsy... "The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt". This is exactly what I was looking for in the approach for Rob's quilt, as it adds some interesting elements for dealing with different size logos/images from the shirts. I purchased all of fusible I need to back the t-shirts with. I've also determined that that beer themed fabrics I originally purchased may not be what I want to use given the t-shirts I have (a sampling in the picture above). If I don't use this fabric in the front, it will become the backing.   

Saturday, November 19, 2016

What are you thankful for?

As we head into Thanksgiving week here in the United States I invite my readers to post about what they are thankful for and share your thoughts through this linkup. 
One of the things I will be grateful for is patience if this doesn't go smoothly as it is the first time I am setting up a linkup.

I'm Thankful for linkup

In the Company of Women

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and EntrepreneursIn the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs by Grace Bonney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this peek into the lives of women business owners. Nearly all of them are artsy/creative businesses which I was a bit disappointed about as more diversity of endeavors would have made the book more interesting. There was a lot of inspiration here. My take-aways:
  • "Winners are losers who got back up." -- Jodie Patterson
  • "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." -- Arthur Ashe, quoted by Thelma Golden, director of the Studio Museum.
  • If I visit Austin, TX I want to check out Liz Lambert's hotel.
  • I want to eat at Anita Lo's NYC restaurant, Annisa. It sounds great.
  • I want to read the blog Justina Blakeney started despite the advice she was given that blogging was over (The Jungalow)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Progress on UFO Challenge Projects

It was a busy summer and I didn't get posts written about my projects for the #APQresolution UFO Challenge. I did get a reasonable amount of sewing done and have made further progress on several projects from earlier in the year as well as on some of the summer UFOs. Here is where each project started and where it is now. 

JANUARY (2): Autumn wall hanging applique kit (bought, never started)
This was redesigned into a totally different wall quilt from the kit and the top is now done.

FEBRUARY (5): Pillow covers for back porch chairs (fabric bought this past Thanksgiving weekend, nothing else done)
These got done in February.

MARCH (3): Fairy frost geranium quilt (ready to quilt -- set aside because I couldn't decide how to quilt it or what color thread to use) 
This got done in March.

APRIL (1): French print apron (currently fabric in a bag with a sketch)
This got finished over the summer and is hanging in the kitchen as my currently in use apron.

MAY (7): Butterfly stain glass quilt kit (bought, never started)
This is a completed top which has been basted with batting and backing and I began quilting it. I am using black thread to fill in the lead lines on the stained glass as the quilting. It is slow going, but it is coming along.

JUNE (10): Chocolate Cherries Bargello (need to finish machine quilting it)
This got finished over the summer and is ready to photograph and post in my Etsy shop.

JULY (4): Irish Chain (is being handquilted -- has been in progress for decades)
I worked on this a little bit. There is a lot of quilt left to be quilted including putting something in all the large plain squares this design includes. Will be a while before this gets done.

AUGUST (6): Halloween tote bags (bought great fabric for these, need to work out design)
I had enough fabric for 2 of these. One is done (I have been using it this month as it is October) and the other one is almost done. 

SEPTEMBER (12): Strawberry Lap Quilt (ready for basting -- got put in a bag and forgotten about ages ago)
This got finished over the summer and will be given away shortly (it was a charity quilt kit from my quilt guild).

OCTOBER (8): La Vie en Rose quilt (began as a box of fabrics and some sketches at this point)
This is in progress. I came up with a design (nothing at all like the sketches that were in the box) and have assembled most of the top. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Lisa's UFO Report: September 2016

From '40 Fabulous Quick
Cut Quilts' by Evelyn Sloppy
Making progress on my September project for the  #APQResolution UFO Challenge was not exactly a big success. I was supposed to make progress on a Southwest themed quilt.

The progress made on the project was very minimal. Starting the month, I had a bunch of fabrics - a Southwest Collection pack of 10" squares, yardage of some other Southwest-y themed prints, and some co-ordinating solids - with no plan of what to do with them. I spent some time researching pattern options that work well with 10" squares, both online and in Mary's quilt book collection. Mary helped me find a pattern that I think will work well with the fabrics. It called "It's a Guy Thing" from 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts by Evelyn Sloppy. I think the pattern lends to a Southwest feel & the large triangles will be great for showing off the patterns in the 10" squares.

So that was my progress - coming up with a pattern/plan. I still need to sit down & map out my number and size of blocks, and find a background fabric before I can really get to work.