Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mary's April Start

Project #6 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is the Light/Bright Stars quilt. It is exactly where it finished up last year -- the center section of the top is done and I need to decide what I want (if anything) for borders. 

Lisa's Forward Progress: April Start

The Making Forward Progress Challenge number for April is #6. From my list this is baby quilts for the twins. A close friend of mine recently had twins, so I'm glad to see this project come up early in the rotation.

I'm going to use a pattern designed by Mary. It's a fun pattern and goes together fairly quickly, which is key to me succeeding in getting these quilts to Malcolm and Timothy before they are teenagers!

The current status of this project is that I have the main focus fabrics for both quilts. I'm using different fabrics for the boys but they both have an animal theme. My next step is to go fabric shopping for the coordinating fabrics.

Lisa's Forward Progress: March End

My goal for March was to make progress on the Flag Quilt. I'm happy to report that the most troublesome part that was blocking me from finishing is now complete! The binding on this quilt is fully pulled to the back so that no binding is visible at the front of the quilt. I was having issues getting the bulky corners to lay flat. My talented friend Mary helped me wrestle with them, and I'm now finished with those darn corners.

This quilt is for my friend Heidi, who is in the midst of house hunting. Once she has a place, she will know where she wants to hang it and whether that will be horizontal or vertical. When she knows that, I'll add a hanging sleeve and label.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Making Forward Progress April 2018

Welcome to the April link-up for the 2018 Making Forward Progress Challenge. This month's project is number 6. Please write at least one post about your project and share with us:
  • What your project for this month is 
  • The status of the project at the beginning of the month
  • What the very next step you need to take to move the project forward is
  • The status of the project by the end of the month
  • Whatever details you want to share about your work on the project during the month
  • Pictures included in your post are awesome, but not required
This can be a post at the beginning and a post at the end of the month, or it can be one post at the end of the month with all the info on how the project went for the month. Do what works best for you. 
All posts related to your April project (#6 from your list) should be linked below. For help on linking Facebook posts check out Lisa's Linky Tips
“Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.” ― F.W. Dupee
Let the progress begin!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mary's March Finish

Pattern cut and thread purchased
Because my sewing machine is having a tension issue and needs to go in for repairs I have done all I am going to on my March project. I got the pattern for this knit cardigan cut out and bought some thread the right color. Once my machine is back in business it shouldn't take too long to get this finished up.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Report: Modern Selvage Quilting

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods 17 Projects Small to LargeModern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods 17 Projects Small to Large
by Riel Nason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Super cool designs and very clear explanation of how to use selvages in constructing the blocks. Some of the designs, the crooked picket rail fence in particular, could also be used for string quilting. I'm going to need to start saving selvages (with at least 1/4" of fabric left on them). Lisa reviewed this  recently at bibliographic manifestations.