Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Retreat Report

The Amoskeag Quilt Guild retreat this past weekend was excellent. The weather was beautiful (and warm) and I got a lot done. 
I finished the quilting on William's quilt next I need to sew the 3 sections together and get it bound. I forgot to pack my quilting gloves, which I really can't machine quilt without, but with loaner gloves from Amanda and Heidi I was able to get a my quilting done. I got one of the purses done except for the handwork and the other one is almost there. I finished one Flag Quilt top and assembled rows for a second one.

William's Quilt in Progress (photo by Lisa North)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Retreat Weekend!

This coming weekend is the Amoskeag Quilt Guild's retreat. Several members of my bee are going and I am looking forward to hanging out with them and having several days for dedicated sewing.
Here is what I hope to get done this weekend:
  • Quilt William's quilt--there are 3 basted sections of it to be machine quilted and I hope to get them all done so the quilt sections are ready to join.
  • Make progress on the 2 purses left to be done for my Q3 Finish list. Ideally I would like to get everything finished but the hand sewing (which I can do at bee).
  • Finish at least one Flag Quilt top
I am also bringing along my Tropical Whimsey paper piecing project and the stuff for a Schnibble I have had in my pile for quite a while and which would be great to hang in the dining room for fall. If the goals get accomplished, or I don't feel like working on them, I will have some other options.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Done: Green Skirt

I finished my green skirt. It is McCalls #2255 and it went together very easily. It is cut on the bias, which made the cutting layout a bit weird, and it told you to let the skirt hang for 24-hours before hemming it which I had never come across before. I'm happy with how it came out and would consider making another skirt from this pattern.
Detail of the fabric

The fabric I used was a pretty batik cotton with kind of an autumn feel to the colors. I prewashed the fabric so I can put this in the washer and the dryer without worrying about the skirt shrinking.

This is one of the projects on my Q3 list for the Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Done: Flowered Purse

Flowered purse, my own 
I made this purse, from an original design I have made many times, as a present for my niece. It is a messenger-bag-type design with 3 pockets (one inside, one under the flap, and one on the back). I make the handles really long and then tie a loop in them so the bag can be slung across you or carried on your shoulder. I also find that the tied loop is handy for hanging the bag on a hook (like the ones on restroom doors).
This is one of the projects on my Q3 list for the Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle.

There is a pocket on the back

Flap secures with a velcro dot
and there is a pocket under the flap

Loop-de-loop quilting in purple
and teal variegated thread
covers the body of the purse

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finish Along - Q3

In April I decided to link up with the Finish-Along at The Littlest Thistle for Q2. By July 6th I was going to finish 5 projects. I only managed one finish. I made progress on the zoo baby quilt and worked on 3 purses but haven't finished any of them yet. On a positive note LOTS of other people in the Finish Along completed LOTS of beautiful projects which you can check out at the Q2 Finish Linky Party.

I am going to give this another try for Q3 and make a list of projects I plan to finish between July 14 and October 6. Most of them are from last quarter's list.

Here is my finish list for 2014 Q3:
  • Complete the zoo baby quilt (ready to bind)
  • Make green skirt (fabric + pattern in a bag waiting to be cut)
  • Make yellow & gray skirt (fabric + pattern in a bag waiting to be cut)
  • Complete William's quilt (pieced and still awaiting pin basting)
  • Finish three purses (all started and at various stages of completion)
  • Complete one flag quilt (I have pieces cut for 2-3 of these)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Done: Crayon Box Quilt

Block detail, Crayon Box
I started this quilt in a class taught by Mary Will Sussman. My best guess is that it was in 2002 or 2003. I kept putting the quilt away for various reasons and it was in a box for years because I couldn't figure out how to machine quilt it. I finally worked that out and this past spring I got the whole thing quilted. It is now bound and has a sleeve on it. I really like how it turned out. The finished quilt is 54" square.
Crayon Box, made and quilted by M. Russell 2013
Block Detail, Crayon Box
Each block has a spiral quilted into the center and each colored box has a loop-the-loop pattern quilted into it. For these I used 2 different variegated threads: a yellow/green/orange for blocks in those colors and a blue/purple/pink for those blocks. The background is quilted with a wiggly grid in black thread so it blends in. I think this is a really good quilting design for the blocks, but there were a TON of threads that had to be tied off and buried in the batting. An eyeless needle (aka an easy thread needle) was a huge help in getting this done.