Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lisa's Forward Progress: July Start & End

Well July has come and gone and I am behind in posting. So I'm taking care of my Making Forward Progress July Start and End all in one post.

My July project was to make progress on the Maple Leaf  quilt. This project started a few years ago with the intent of making a Toronto Maple Leaf themed quilt for my nephew...I was feeling ambitious at the time thinking I would make two quilts at the same time and also make one for my niece's husband (he and my nephew, and most of my family are huge Leafs fans).

The general quilt design is to make leaf blocks (blue leaf on white background and white leaf on blue background) for the main part of the quilt, add a blue & white striped border at the bottom, and a blue border at the top with the last name appliqued in white to mimic a hockey jersey. At least that is the plan!

At the beginning of July I had a project box full of blue and white fabrics I had collected, along with a large amount of maple leaf print fabric (pictured above). I had previously cut a lot of the blue and white needed to make the blocks. I also had an outline of a design that Mary helped me with over a year ago (but I had misplaced).

At the end of July...I have pulled out everything, and I was able to locate the design outline (it was in another project box!). I have determined the original design is not big enough, so I will need to add to that. I have also pieced together two leaf blocks. Looking at these with the other fabrics, I've decided that I'll need to re-work the initial layout as I don't want too many leaf blocks side-by-side. Oh, and I've also decided I'm only going to focus on finishing one quilt!


  1. I love how the leaf fabric sets off the block! I think the mixing of blocks is going to be a great design.

    1. Thanks Mary! It makes it a lot easier to see how to do the design with just a couple of finished blocks. I next want to do a couple that are white leaf with blue background to see how that mixes in. I'm also thinking of your suggestion of some 12 inch solids...and thought I may also do a few 12 inch leaf blocks as the pattern should be easy to scale up.


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