Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mary's August Start

My box of flag quilt bits as of today
The Number for August was 3 which on my forward progress list is flag quilts. I have made a bunch of these over the years both as gifts and to sell and they have proved popular. I have a box with lots of squares cut for this and half-squares sewn. I need to assemble the units into rows and make the star block for the corners. I probably have enough pieces cut to make more than one flag quilt.  I was also working on writing up the pattern for this. There are 2 very next steps this month (1) Re-read the pattern draft to figure out what needs revising and (2) count out enough units/squares from the bags of cut pieces to make the quilt. My goals for the month are (1) to write a new draft of the pattern ready for testing (2) to kit up the pieces I have cut into quilt-sized groups and (3) to make 1 quilt top. 

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