Monday, March 6, 2017

Lisa's Making Forward Progress: March Start

The March project for Making Forward Progress is #7. For my project list, this is making progress on an unfinished scrapbook album (I have many!). I actually have a few goals for this month.

  1. Finish one album: I have many 'almost done' but not finished albums...Wedding; Marathon Training/Alaska trip; Heritage Album; Scotland/Ireland Adventures. Some of these only have a few pages left, so getting one to completion will be a win.
  2. Purge un-used items:  In scrapbooking terms, I have a lot of 'scrap crap'. I used to be a consultant for Creative Memories (before they went out of business and came back as a new company), and as a result have a bunch of stuff that is brand new but I'll never use. I've already sold a lot of such stuff on eBay, but have plenty more. So goal #2 is to make an additional 3 listings on eBay this month.
  3. Organize: I am fortunate enough to have my own office/sewing/craft room. I was thrilled a couple of years ago when we turned the closet in that room to all shelving that gave me more storage. But it has gotten a wee bit unorganized, so I'll aim to straighten it out (it does contain a lot of scrapbooking supplies, so fits with this months' project).

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