Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lisa's February Progress Wrap-up

When I started February's project in Making Forward Progress, I had 3 yards of Where the Wild Things Are themed flannel fabric, and a potential pattern...both bought years ago.

Once I opened up the pattern I had (it had options for pajama bottoms or a robe), I determined that I didn't have enough fabric for a robe, so the fabric would be used for pajama bottoms. I also determined that I didn't like the pattern I had and the size was wrong, so I tossed it and went back to Jo-Ann's to look for another option. I found one that would do the job and as an added bonus when I arrived at the check-out discovered Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1 - that made me feel a bit better about ditching the first pattern.

Now at the end of February, I have completed the pajama bottoms. I tweaked the pattern a little - instead of having an elastic waist band that went around the entire waist, I altered to make just the back elastic, and the front a ribbon drawstring. I'm fairly happy with the result and have learned a few things. The biggest is that I don't enjoy sewing clothing. I found the figuring out of the pattern & size a little bit stressful. The measurements for the recommended sizes on the pattern did not seem to match reality. If I went by the measurements listed I should have made an XL. But I over-layed the pattern onto existing pajama bottoms I have, and that looked way too huge, so I actually made the Medium pattern size. While the finished product fits, they are still a little large. But since it's just comfy pj's not a big problem. I think I'll stick to buying clothes & sewing things that aren't clothing. But I am happy to have a project finished!


  1. Lisa, this is exactly why I don't make clothes. Lol. We are kindred spirits.

    1. Ha! We are Amanda. I like the idea of making clothes, but I think I'll stick to what I enjoy.


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