Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lisa's UFO Report: May 2016

My May goal for the #APQResolution UFO Challenge was to complete a Quilter's Tote that will be used for transporting mats, rulers, and sewing machine extension table. When I started the month, I had a novelty fabric and the tote pattern (both of which I have had for a few years now). As of May 27th, that was still all I had.

I'm happy to report now, that I have made progress! In a few days, I have managed to get the pieces cut, pockets & panels quilted, straps/handles made, tote body assembled, and fabric for the lining picked out from 'shopping' in Mary's stash. The only thing I have left to do now is to add the lining.

One of the reasons I'd been putting this project off is because it didn't seem very exciting to me (practical, but not exciting). But now that it is all together, I love it! I may have to see if I can convince myself and Mary to sign up for fall retreat so I have a reason to use it!

This pocket will hold long skinny rulers
I also made additional progress in May on my April UFO Challenge project. I have completed all 48 blocks & have determined the layout for the blocks. Depending on what comes up for June, I'm hoping to start working on sashing & assembling the quilt top.

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