Tuesday, May 31, 2016

UFO Challenge Catch-up Report

I mentioned in my post about the April UFO project that the upcoming month looked a bit crazy. It was, hence no report on UFO projects since then.
I did make progress on my apron project in April, what was fabric is now apron shaped, has ties attached to it, and is half quilted. It might be all quilted but I ran out of the quilting thread I was using. Once I get more thread it should get done pretty quickly.
Butterfly quilt kit - unopened May 1
My May project was a butterfly stained glass quilt kit that I bought at a quilt show many years ago and had not even opened. During this month I opened the kit, read the instructions, decided there was no way I would ever make that project using the described technique and came up with a new plan. The pieces have now all been traced onto double sided fusible, fused onto the fabrics, cut out, and arranged on my background fabric. My plan is to fuse all the little pieces down (the paper still needs to be peeled off the underneath of each piece so this is a ways to go yet) and then quilt with a black satin stitch to make the "leading" of the stained glass design. Not sure when this will get finished, but I know what needs doing which is a step in the right direction.
Butterfly pieces all laid out on the background fabric

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  1. All of those pieces is a lot of progress! I love the colors on this one.


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