Friday, January 12, 2018

Mary's 2018 Project List

Here is my list of projects for the 2018 Making Forward Progress Challenge.
  1. Pink Beer Skirt [June 2018]
    This is a super cute piece of fabric I bought last fall (at Paradise Quilting in Concord, NH) and it is currently in a bag with a pattern waiting to be made into a skirt.
  2. Summer Jelly Roll
    I got a really bright, fun, summery jelly roll as a gift from my husband and I need to figure out a quilt to make with it. It is in a bag with a possible pattern idea and some extra yardage I got that matches the jelly roll. 
  3. Mushroom Apron [October 2018]
    When I was cleaning out stuff in my sewing room I discovered this piece of muslin which I embroidered with a cute toadstool design (possibly when I was a teenager as that was the last time I did that kind of embroidery) and, based on the note in the bag with it I was planning to sew up into an apron. The embroidered bits are there, not sure what else needs to happen to create an apron from this, but I like the embroidery so want to do something with it.
  4. Red Stretch-Knit Cardigan [March 2018]
    At this point this is a piece of cool red fabric and a pattern in a bag.
  5. Tropical Quilt [November 2018]
    A huge paper-piecing project that I have been chipping away at for quite a few years now. I have 3 more blocks to paper piece, all the blocks need borders (curved piecing!) on them and appliqued centers added. There is another layer of applique after the blocks are assembled. My plan at this point is to assemble the blocks into 2 ''tops" and use one on each side of the quilt because otherwise the quilt will be too huge for me to use anywhere.
  6. Light/Bright Stars Quilt [April 2018]
    The center section of this quilt top got finished last year, now I need to design the border. I fear there will be math.
  7. Vegetable Quilt [July 2018]
    This got pieced in 2016, I began quilting it in 2017. I'm hoping to finish quilting it and get it bound and completed this year.
  8. Rainbow Strings Wall Quilt [Feb. 2018]
    I came up with an idea for a string quilt which I sketched out and cut the foundation squares for. That is as far as this has gotten.
  9. Floral Shopper [Sept. 2018]
    This was on 2016's UFO list, and 2017's project list. If it doesn't get done this year I am abandoning it.
  10. Batik Jelly Roll Quilt [Aug. 2018]
    I finished this quilt top in 2017 and now need to decide on a backing and quilt it. 
  11. New York Beauty Chunky Mini [May 2018]
    I bought Linda Hahn's NY Beauty Simplified book years ago and then my friend Heidi gave me the chunky mini kit  (templates and paper for foundation piecing) that goes with it. I want to make a NY Beauty Wall Quilt from this. I have the book, the kit, and a print fabric I want to use. Not sure exactly how I will arrange the blocks or what else will go in it, but I put the book, the kit and the fabric in a bag so now it is a project.
  12. Castle Cross Stitch [December 2018]
    I began cross stitching a kit from my Mom's stash of unfinished projects for my friend Amanda. It is a castle and I began working on it last fall. It is coming along OK so far, but there are a LOT of stitches to be counted here so it could use a month when it is the focus.

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