Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mary's 2017 Project List

Here is my list of projects for the 2017 Making Forward Progress Challenge.

  1. Light/Bright Stars Quilt
    The main part of the quilt is designed and most of the units are sewn for that. I need to finish assembling the rows and then design the border for it. This was going to be a pattern, but the assembly is proving complicated to explain so it may or may not end up as a pattern.
  2. Tardis Skirt
    I have fabric and a pattern in a bag ready to cut out.
  3. Flag Quilts
    I have lots of squares cut for this and half-squares sewn. I need to assemble the units into rows and make the star block for the corner. I probably have enough pieces cut to make more than one. This is also an in-progress pattern so I need to figure out what needs revising in the last draft of the pattern.
  4. Sunny Lanes Christmas Quilt
    All the 5" squares are cut from Christmas fabrics (this is a pattern from the Nickel Quilts book) and I need to start assembling units.
  5. Arkansas Tote
    This is a paper piece block (called 'Arkansas') for which I have all the pieces cut out and which I plan to put on the front of a tote bag. 
  6. Bathrobe
    Last year I cut out the pattern for a new bathrobe for myself. I need to actually put it together.
  7. North Woods Quilt
    I made this quilt as a wedding present for my husband 16 years ago. At the time I tied it (and got it done before the wedding) but it would be better if it were quilted. I took it apart last year and have been waiting for T to decide if he wanted it hand or machine quilted. He has chosen machine (in the hope it will get done in our lifetimes) so I need to get batting for it and proceed with basting and quilting.
  8. Book Purses
    I have a bundle of various book-themed fabrics that I want to make into small purses, not sure how many until I get the fabrics grouped together. 
  9. Butterfly Quilt
    This is a stained-glass quilt pattern that I put together last year and now need to quilt. The quilting is creating the "leading" in the design.
  10. Vegetable Quilt
    This is another quilt top that got assembled last year and now needs quilting. It is basted and ready to start custom quilting on.
  11. Irish Chain
    This is my oldest UFO. I have been working on hand quilting it since sometime in college. I worked on it a little in last year's UFO challenge, but there are acres more of it to be quilted.
  12. Batik Jelly Roll Quilt
    This is a quilt top I designed for a single jelly roll and which I made in Christmas fabrics before. I want to make it in batiks and neutrals. I have all the strips collected.
ALTERNATES -in case I have finished the project listed for a particular number by the time it is drawn (why not be optimistic?) 
  • Tropical Quilt
    A huge paper-piecing project that I have been chipping away at for quite a few years now. I have 4 more blocks to paper piece, all the blocks need borders (curved piecing!) on them and appliqued centers added. There is another layer of applique after the blocks are assembled. I have no idea what I was thinking when I took on this monster.
  • Floral Shopper
    This was on last year's UFO list and is still unfinished.
  • Convergence Quilt
    The center of this quilt is done. I need to figure out what kind of borders it needs.


  1. Great list Mary - I think your design for your #12 project may fit in with one of my projects. And I have full confidence your tropical quilt will get progress!

    1. They look great. Many of my items on this year's list will also include projects from 2016. We are going to get so much done.

    2. 2017 should be a super productive sewing year!


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