Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Stitching Post #8

So far I am doing well on my 15-minutes-to-stitch goal this month. In the first 15 days of the month I sewed for at least 15 minutes on all but one day.  
I didn't get a post written in time to officially set a one-monthly-goal, but still hope to get a couple of skirts made. I have made progress on the Happy Scrappy Irish Chain quilt. I have cut all the purple squares for it (1,060) and started sewing the 4-patches from them. The gardening isn't getting a lot of time because it seems like it is always raining when I am not at work.
I have been listening to podcasts while I sew and if you are a lover of classic mysteries I highly recommend 


  1. Oh I love true crime podcasts. I'll put this one on my listening list.

  2. It has been such a wet spring. Hard to get anything done outside. Congrats on working in your 15 minutes most days. Happy stitching!


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