Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Stitching Post #9

June was a good month for my 15-minutes-to-stitch goal. Out of 30 days I sewed for at least 15 minutes on 21 one them (70%). Most of the ones I missed were over a long weekend when I was away. That puts me at 57% for the year so far. 
Most of my sewing time has been spend on the Happy Scrappy Irish Chain quilt. I have all the purple squares cut and 360 pairs of light/dark squares assembled to turn into 4-patches. I will need to cut the neutral background pieces next.
Looking ahead to next month I will be working on a T-Shirt quilt for the daughter of a friend, hopefully making the skirts I didn't get to in June, and continuing to move forward on my Irish chain.


  1. Congrats on finding some significant stitching time this month. Hope July is even better. Thanks for linking up with 15 minutes to stitch.

  2. Great stitching time, hope you get to everything you want in July.

  3. Great job on finding time, and making progress on your Happy Scrappy Irish Chain! I hope July is just as productive.


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