Saturday, June 30, 2018

Making Forward Progress July 2018

Welcome to the July link-up for the 2018 Making Forward Progress Challenge. This month's project is number 7. Please write at least one post about your project and share with us:
  • What your project for this month is 
  • The status of the project at the beginning of the month
  • What the very next step you need to take to move the project forward is
  • The status of the project by the end of the month
  • Whatever details you want to share about your work on the project during the month
  • Pictures included in your post are awesome, but not required
This can be a post at the beginning and a post at the end of the month, or it can be one post at the end of the month with all the info on how the project went for the month. Do what works best for you. 
All posts related to your July project (#7 from your list) should be linked below. For help on linking Facebook posts check out Lisa's Linky Tips
“We should strive to welcome change and challenges, because they are what help us grow…We need to constantly be challenging ourselves in order to strengthen our character and increase our intelligence. ” ― H.G. Wells, The Time Machine
Let the progress begin!

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  1. Crud - I was too late to publish my "end of month' - the trees got new sashing and is now layered and ready to quilt


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