Monday, January 30, 2017

Making Forward Progress: Linky Tips

There have been questions about how to make the linky work properly for posting Making Forward Progress Project Lists that are on facebook. Here are some tips for making that work (this will also work when linking up monthly progress).

Depending on your facebook privacy settings, when you create a post for your project list or monthly updates, and then create the linky, it's possible you link will appear broken for some people. Most people default to having their posts visible to "Friends" or "Friends & Friends of Friends". In this case, if someone who does not fall in that audience clicks your linky, they won't be able to see your post.

In order for the link to work for everyone, you need to make that specific post "Public". Below is how you can do that.

From a mobile device/app:
Click the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of your post, select "Edit Privacy", change the Share With to "Public", and click "Done".

From a computer:
On your post, click the down arrow to the right of the post date/time, and select "Public".

Wondering how to get the link for your post? From your computer, right click the date/time on your post and select "Copy link address". You can then paste that into the linky post. You could also left click on the date/time of your post which will direct you to just your post. You can copy the URL from there.


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