Sunday, December 18, 2016

UFO Challenge Catch-up Update (Again)

In October I did a catch-up post on progress and have not gotten an update posted since so here is another summary.
OCTOBER: La Vie en Rose quilt (a box of fabrics and some sketches at start of month)
Detail of La Vie en Rose
This quilt got finished in October. It includes an applique technique (broderie perse) I had never used before and a technique for making on point squares that I hadn't used before. The design was inspired by the chicken quilt in Beyond the Block by Linda K. Johnson & Jane K. Wells.

La Vie en Rose - Urban Quilter, 2016

NOVEMBER: Chair of Bowlies cross stitch (began this in the early 1990s and still haven't finished it -- cross stitch may not be my thing)
I worked on this. I am up to the part where I add outline details which is super tedious. I'm pretty sure at this point that cross stitch is not my favorite thing. 

DECEMBER: Floral shopper (pattern is cut out, need to assemble it) So far I haven't even taken this out of the bag. The week after Christmas might include some sewing time so there is a possibility this will get done. 

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