Sunday, January 31, 2016

UFO Report: January 2016

My January project for the #APQResolution UFO challenge was a veggie wall hanging kit.  Progress on this UFO included:
  • Thinking about and sketching out various designs for these appliques -- I love the individual veggie appliques but am not excited about the way the kit suggested putting them together as one big still life
  • Buying the fusible for the applique
  • Tracing a lot of veggies onto the fusible
Veggie shapes traced onto fusible web
Some of the block layouts

  • Picking out fabrics and prepping the applique pieces for 6 different veggie blocks
  • Working out a layout the 6 blocks will fit in
The next step is to assemble the blocks I worked out. I also need to buy the cucumber fabric I saw on Thursday (and should have bought then) to use for sashing. I did not finish this project (not even close)  but I did make a lot of progress and now I have a plan for a veggie quilt I am excited about. 

All the veggie appliques for the revised quilt design


  1. Great progress Mary, I love how the pumpkin is shaping up!

  2. Your plan for this quilt is great. It is going to be such a fun and colorful quilt.


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