Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 UFO Challenge

The UFO challenge at All People Quilt (APQ) asks you to list 12 Unfinished Objects from your collection and to commit to working on one of them each month during 2016. Which one you work on each month is determined by a random number draw on the first of each month which is posted on APQ. Photos and posts about everyone's progress are connected with #APQResolution.

Here is my list of 12 UFOs (selected at random from the list of 27 that I came up with when I started looking for my UFOs):

  1. APRIL: French print apron (currently fabric in a bag with a sketch)
  2. JANUARY: Autumn wall hanging applique kit (bought, never started)
  3. MARCH: Fairy frost geranium quilt (ready to quilt -- set aside because I couldn't decide how to quilt it or what color thread to use)
  4. JULY: Irish Chain (is being handquilted -- has been in progress for decades)
  5. FEBRUARY: Pillow covers for back porch chairs (fabric bought this past Thanksgiving weekend, nothing else done)
  6. AUGUST: Halloween tote bags (bought great fabric for these, need to work out design)
  7. MAY: Butterfly stain glass quilt kit (bought, never started)
  8. OCTOBER: La Vie en Rose quilt (a box of fabrics and some sketches at this point)
  9. NOVEMBER: Chair of Bowlies cross stitch (began this in the early 1990s and still haven't finished it -- cross stitch may not be my thing)
  10. JUNE: Chocolate Cherries Bargello (need to finish machine quilting it)
  11. DECEMBER: Floral shopper (pattern is cut out, need to assemble it)
  12. SEPTEMBER: Strawberry Lap Quilt (ready for basting -- got put in a bag and forgotten about ages ago)
Now that I plowed through all my bags and piles I may get motivated to jump into one of these projects even before the corresponding number comes up. In case that happens I am adding 3 alternate projects. If I have already finished the project listed above when it comes up to work on I will substitute the next project in this list:
  1. Arkansas star tote bag (paper piecing fabrics cut out and in bag with fabrics for the tote)
  2. Northwoods Quilt (needs to be basted then handquilted)
  3. Bathrobe (fabric and pattern in a bag)
This looks like it could be a very productive year! 

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  1. I finally had a chance to check this out, looks like a great challenge. Even though I'm already a few days late I think I may join in. Having some alternates is a great plan too!


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