Saturday, February 15, 2014

DAGMT 2014 - Week 2

The Plan: Sew for at least 20 minutes each day in February.

Feb. 8 - I sewed for 30 minutes today. I was getting tired of cutting for my paper piecing project so I pulled out a totebag project that has been in my project pile for years and got the pieces sorted out and the pockets made. A trip to the fabric store earlier in the day (to get fabric for a baby quilt) included buying the fusible fleece I will need to finish this totebag, so I hope to do that this week.

Feb. 9 and 10 - Spent 20 minutes each day working on the tote bag.
Feb. 10 - Did not get any sewing time in at all.
Feb. 11 - Feb. 14 - Spent 20 minutes each day working on the tote bag which is now finished and ready to give to the person I made it for.
Ladybug Reversible Tote Bag
Goals: Next week I want to work on getting through the overflowing basket of mending projects during my daily 20 minutes. This won't be much fun to work on, but will be awesome to be done with. I also want to go through the mountain of projects/fabric/not-sure-what that is under my drafting table and see what can be done about it all. That won't be part of my 20 minutes a day as it will take a chunk of dedicated time and attention to get through it.

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