Saturday, February 8, 2014

DAGMT 2014 - Week 1

The Plan: Our hostess for this project, Beth, contends that by sewing 20 minutes a day, every day, you can get a lot done. During the month I plan to track how much I actually manage to accomplish in each day's 20 minute block.

Feb. 1 - Finished enough white units for 1 flag quilt (in 20 minutes). Since it was Saturday I had more time to sew and I also got red units and white units for 2 more flag quilts made and started putting together the blocks for the quilt I am making for my nephew William.

Feb. 2 - Assembled the top half of the center section of William's quilt (in 20 minutes). Put in another 40ish minutes and finished the center section and put the  top and bottom border pieces on the side sections.

Feb. 3 - Assembled the 2 side sections of William's quilt (in 20 minutes). Spent about another 15 minutes cutting and piecing strips for the side borders.

Feb. 4 - Put the side borders on William's quilt (in 20 minutes-ish).

Feb. 5 - I am making a huge (for me anyway) quilt with multiple different fabrics in each of 12 paper pieced blocks. Today I cut 2 of the fabrics into the pieces I will need for the blocks. The various pieces for each block go in a zip-top bag as I cut it so I will end up with 'kits" for paper piecing each block. I got 2 of the fabrics cut today (in 20 minutes). I put in another 40-ish minutes and got another 5 of the fabrics cut.

Feb. 6 - Cut 3 fabrics today for my block kits (in 20 minutes).

Feb. 7 - Cut 2 fabrics today for my block kits (in 20 minutes).

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