Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Madness Countdown - 10 weeks

I used pins to mark the edges of the
images so I could place the fusible
in the right spot on the back
Ten weeks from today is the eve of March Madness 2019 which is the deadline for completing my husband's T-shirt quilt.

Here is what got done this week:
  • I cut all the interfacing I had into block-sized pieces (some are 12" blocks, some are 6"). It wasn't enough for all the blocks though so I need to get some more.
  • I ironed the interfacing onto the back of the T-shirt pieces for all the 6" blocks and a about half of the 12" blocks.
  • I realized that while I had the pieces laid out it was easy to go ahead and cut the blocks so all the small ones and a bunch of the large ones are cut.
To do by next Wednesday (1/16):
  • interface and cut the remaining blocks out of the T-shirts
  • assemble the 6" units into 4-patch blocks 

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