Thursday, November 1, 2018

Log Cabin Update

I finished some more log cabin blocks this week, for a grand total of 108 blocks, and have begun sewing them all together into a top. I took some pictures of layout options and put them on instagram over the weekend.
A local quilt guild donates wheel-chair-sized quilts (inspired by the "lovie lap quilt") to nursing homes and that is what I am going to make with these bright and cheerful blocks. The target size is 32x39 (though a friend in the guild said some of them are 36" wide by as much as 48" long). My original layout was  9 blocks by 12 blocks (the whole 108) but I am going to shorten it to 10 blocks long for a finished size of 36x40. If I can find some nice flannel in my stash I will use that for backing.
Log cabin blocks in the way to being a top
I am linking up this week with Oh Scrap! and Log Cabin Loonies.


  1. Lovely log cabin blocks and top in progress. It will be a fabulous gift.

  2. Such gorgeous blocks!! You won a gift from me, for log cabin loonies!!! Please send me your snail mail address? Thanks!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of progress! I love how it's turning out. I may be inspired to try some in the New Year :)


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