Monday, October 8, 2018

Mary's October Start

Beginning of a Mushroom Apron 
Project #3 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is my mushroom apron. At the start of the month this is a piece of muslin with a cute toadstool design embroidered on it. I did this kind of work when I was a teenager, though not really since then, so it was probably stitched then. I found it in a bag with a note that I was planning to sew up into an apron and a good amount of progress had been made in that direction. The main piece is cut into an apron shape, there are muslin ties created and attached, and a facing around the top edges. The construction approach of the facing is not how I would construct an apron now, so the very next step is to take that apart. I found a piece of beige cotton in my stash which will work well for a lining, so I will use that to finish the apron and add a pocket with the embroidered square. My goal for the month is to finish this apron.

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