Monday, July 23, 2018

Lisa's Forward Progress: June End/July Start

 I'm quite a bit behind in posting on forward progress!

I did make progress on my June project - hand sewing binding on a charity quilt. There isn't really anything exciting to share in a picture that is different than where I started. I didn't complete it, but did make it around a couple of sides of the quilt. It will be a good project to finish at bee and while watching tv.

July's project is #7. From my list, this is a tole painting project of a birdhouse CD cabinet, table, and lamp. This project has been following me around for over 20 years in an "almost finished" state. The picture to the right are the doors to the CD cabinet that need the rose hip vines painted. The table and lamp are painted and just need to be varnished. Below shows a very faded picture of what everything should look like when finished.

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