Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lisa's 2018 Making Forward Progress List

I've decided to participate in the second year of the Making Forward Progress Challenge hosted by The Urban Quilter. While I wasn't 100% successful last year, I did make progress in 10 of the 12 months (with time to make that 11 by the end of January). And I fully completed 2 of my projects -  strangely neither of those was a quilting project.

I made a full list of possible projects for this year, and came up with 24, so starting with the 12 that were not on my last year, and adding a few that I would like to revisit, my list in random order...

  1. Charity Quilt - This is a guild charity quilt, that my friend Mary Kate machine quilted. Now I need to do the binding to finish it up.
  2. Mystery Quilt - I have an almost completed quilt top (wall hanging size) from a Mystery Quilt I did at my guild a few years ago. I think I just need to add borders, quilt, and bind.
  3. Tulip Wall Hanging - This is an applique wall hanging. The applique is complete, I now need to add borders, quilt, and bind.
  4. Flag Quilt - I thought I should have this wall hanging finished by now, there is so little left to do on it, but it has sat for over  year without finishing, so on the list it goes! I just have the 4 corners of the binding to hand sew, but I'm having trouble getting them to lay flat. Then I just need a pocket for hanging.
  5. Where the Wild Things Are - This quilt is pin basted and ready to machine quilt.
  6. Baby Quilts for the Twins - My friend just had twins, so I want to make them quilts. I'm going to use a pattern designed by may friend Mary that I've made several times. I have the focus/theme fabric for both, so need to buy the co-ordinating fabrics to go with them. 
  7. Birdhouse Cabinet & Table - This is a tole painting project. It's a shaker style table and CD cabinet that are years overdue for finishing.
  8. Cross Winds - At last years fall quilt retreat, I participated in a fabric swap of red and turquoise strips. I have all of my background fabric cut into strips as well, so I'm ready to start making blocks. 
  9. Rob's Quilt - I had Rob's beer t-shirt quilt on my list last year, and I did make progress. I need to finish applying fusible, and then start thinking about design. 
  10. Machine Quilting Practice Panels - I received a DVD and printed panels a few years ago as a gift. So I need to make time to actually use them and get some machine quilting practice in!
  11. Monarch Paper Piecing - I have a few sections of this wall hanging complete, so now I need to continue the effort.
  12. Southwest Quilt - This was on my list last year, and I am ready to start assembling blocks.
And if I finish one of the projects above before it comes up in the rotation, I will choose something from this list of alternate projects:
  1. Christmas Quilt - Also on my list last year, my jelly roll strips are cut and ready to start sewing blocks.
  2. Colored Happy - This is a completed quilt top. I have the backing fabric, so I need to cut that to size and pin baste.
  3. Marcie's Maze - This is another completed quilt top. I first need to decide if I am going to fix a mistake that I made, and then it will be ready to be pin basted. 

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