Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lisa's Forward Progress: January End

My January project was to make forward progress on the orange and yellow jelly roll. The next step was to figure out a plan for using the strips.

I found a pattern I want to use, Summer at the Beach (the bottom picture), and as a bonus it was a free pattern.

I also found and purchased the background fabric that will be used in the quilt - it is the bottle cap fabric that is shown with the strips on the top picture. This will make for a much less subtle contrast, but I think will make for a very cozy quilt. A huge thank you to Mary for helping me find the fabric!


  1. That bottle cap fabric is going to make a fabulous quilt -- happy to help shop anytime!

  2. It's why I love having you come fabric shopping with help me see 'outside the box'. :)


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