Sunday, January 7, 2018

Forward Progress 2018

During 2017 a few of us challenged ourselves to make Forward Progress on a dozen projects and a great deal of progress what made! Once again I will be hosting this challenge and invite you to join in. Here is how it works:

  • Between now and the end of January 2018 you will need to make a numbered list of 12 projects and publish it (on your blog, Facebook, anywhere it is publicly visible). The list should include a little info about what the project is and where you are with it now. Link that list to this post so we know who is participating and what they are planning. 
  • Beginning on January 31 I will draw a random number between 1 & 12 on the last day of each month and that will determine the project from your list that you will work on in the coming month. The blog post that announces the number will include a linky where you will submit a link to your post (on your blog or Facebook) about that month's project -- where it is starting out, what you hope to accomplish, etc. and then you can post again at the end of the month to let us know how things went. If you prefer to link just once a month that's OK, but please let us know where you began as well as how far you got. 
  • In January 2019 we will all (hopefully) have made a good amount of forward progress on a bunch of projects. 

If you need help figuring out how to link to a Facebook post, check out this post from Lisa

Let's see how much progress we can make in 2018!

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