Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lisa's Forward Progress: August End

My goal for August was to make progress on Rob's beer t-shirt quilt. I started the month with a pile of t-shirts in a bag. I had also watched already watched a t-shirt quilt class on Craftsy last year that is the general method of how I want to approach this quilt.

Now at the end of the month, I have sorted through the bag of t-shirts. I also sat down with Rob to go through all of the shirts to see which ones he didn't care about (so those went to the Goodwill pile before I started trimming) and which ones were a must to go into the quilt. That exercise resulted in him reclaiming two t-shirts back to his drawer, but he also took a few more out of the drawer to go into the quilt...end result, a little more room in the drawer!

I re-watched the first two parts to the quilt class to follow the steps. I've trimmed all of the shirts deemed quilt worthy. I was happy to confirm with Goodwill that they will take the large bag of fabric scraps left over from the trimming process (those are all the scraps in the picture). I've also started applying fusible to make the t-shirts more sturdy (that's the pile on the right). I've determined that applying the fusible is a very boring step in the process. At this point, progress has been made and the project is taking up a lot less room in my closet than it did before.

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