Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mary's February Progress Wrap-up

Arkansas Star Tote Bag
I made a ton of progress on this month's project which started out as a lot of little pieces and is now a finished tote bag!

The paper pieced block went together fairly easily, except that I neglected to check that all 9 of my units were the same size and when assembled the block I discovered that the center unit was smaller than all the others. At least it was the simplest one. 
I took the block apart and made a new (correctly sized) center unit and reassembled it. For the record, this was not the fault of the Carol Doak pattern, it was me. I scanned the foundations from the book and printed them and apparently I wasn't careful enough about the size of my printed images. 

Detail: pocket on the back
I found a home for the too-small block as the center of a patch pocket on the back of the bag. The inside of the bag is lined with the gold fabric used in the feathered star points and has pockets from the green fabric used in the blocks. I haven't decided for sure what I am doing with this bag, but it will probably go into my Etsy shop once I have a chance to take better pictures of it. 

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