Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

Last week my husband and I, along with several friends, attended the American Homebrewers Association Conference (now called HomeBrew Con). My recycled grain bag totes were great for carrying our stuff (and exhibit hall goodies) around Baltimore and the conference. Several people asked about the totes, which was cool, and some asked how to make them. I explained the basics and a tutorial may turn up on this blog one of these days. 
Photo by Lisa North, June 2016
We had a bunch of beer that we wanted to take into the Grand Banquet (yes, they serve beer there, but this is a homebrew conference so bringing your own beer is definitely a thing). The grain bag totes held up beautifully to zip-top bags filled with ice and about 16 cans of beer (in each bag). Grain bags are tough and the double stitching and handle attachment came through this unplanned test with flying colors. When one of the zip-top bags sprung a leak it proved  my theory that the tote bags aren't waterproof, but they dried super fast and suffered no ill-effects from the soaking.
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  1. Very fun! I tried home brewing once (not at one of those home brewing places) and it was...not successful. So, I admire those who can do it.


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