Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

When we visited San Francisco in June we went to the Aquarium. There were these amazing jelly fish as part of the exhibit where you walk through a tunnel with all these fish and other SF Bay-dwelling creatures swimming  around you. Overall it wasn't the greatest aquarium, but the tunnel exhibit was very cool. The jellyfish were amazing to watch, as they are constantly in motion and their tentacles wave around them.

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  1. Beautiful photo. Jellyfish are amazing creatures, aren't they? I always wonder how they keep from getting tangled up in each other!
    My Saturday Snapshots today are from the Cinque Terre.

  2. I think jelly fish are so cool to look at!

  3. There is something very cool about entering a tunnel at an aquarium.

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot.

  4. I always like the tunnel in an aquarium too. Great picture.


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