Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Carolina Hurricane Quilt

Finished Streak of Lightning Quilt
I started working on a full size streak-of-lightning quilt for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project back in January. Today the finished quilt went into the mail so it can be given to someone in North Carolina who needs it.
I did all the piecing from my scraps and my friend Mary Kate quilted it on her long-arm with a beautiful curving pattern. I always like the quilting to contrast the piecing. I hadn't made this pattern before, but it went together very nicely and I would consider making it again. I wasn't sure how well so many different fabrics would go together, but it all ended up blending nicely.

Quilting detail

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  1. Wonderful!! Thank you for participating in this quilt project. Someone will be very grateful to have such a lovely quilt to begin rebuilding their home.


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