Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Snapshot

Detail of Fish Quilt, 2011
This is another detail photo from my fish quilt. 
I made this quilt as part of a Amoskeag Quilters' Guild challenge and one of the items in the box of stuff you had to use was a set of artificial leaves in autumn colors (the silky-kind you often find on wreaths this time of year). I used those by cutting little fish (they are roughly the size and shape of goldfish crackers) out of the leaves and then tacking each one onto the quilt with a single bead to be the fish's eye. The resulting school of fish looks flat in the picture, but actually stands out from the quilt a bit as the leaves the fish were made from were fairly stiff. 
The seaweed is also dimensional. It was made with strips of one of the required fabrics (basically the construction I use for handbag handles) to which I zig-zagged fluffy sparkly trim. The end of the seaweed (see last week's picture) is sewn into a seam between the water and the sand and then the strip was twisted a bit and tacked here and there to hold it onto the surface. 
I am linking this up with Saturday Snapshot at West Metro Mommy.
Susan from Buch Handling visited last week's post and she asked to see the whole quilt. That will be next week's photo.


  1. Beautiful! You were so clever to cut the leaves into fish shapes. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole quilt next week.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  2. I love quilts! I have never made one, but as a kid, I accompanied my mother to her Quilting Bees....and years later, found lovely quilts to hang over the rail of my loft.

    Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Wow ...that is cool! I can't imagine cutting out--or quilting--pieces that small, but the finished project is beautiful!

  4. How nice to see a bit more of the quilt.


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