Monday, September 7, 2015

Experiments with Grain Bags

I'm lucky enough to have friends who are professional brewers. This means I not only have access to great beer, I also have access to lots of empty grain bags. Recently I have been playing around with ideas for using these to create stuff. Grain (aka malted barley) used to make beer comes in 50lb. bags which are typically made of a woven plastic-y material and often have cool graphics printed on them. A commercial brewery empties a lot of these each time they make a batch of beer, so finding a way to use them seemed like a fun, green project.

I came up with a design for a small bag to carry growlers in.
I also figured out how to use an entire grain bag (of the kind that shreds when you cut it) to make a tote bag. (I used strips cut from a less temperamental bag to make the handles.)


  1. These are excellent Mary, love using my Best Malz bag!

    1. So glad you like it! The orange just called out to belong to you.


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