Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

This week I was at the meeting of New Hampshire's Governor & Council and took this picture of the council chamber before it filled up. It is a beautiful room, our state house is the country's oldest in which the legislative body still sits in the original chamber, and it was very calm and quiet before everyone arrived. I was there for the proclamation of New Hampshire Writers' Week.The yellow thing on the floor is a recycling bin so the councilors can dump the papers related to various items as soon as they deal with them. There is another bin on the other side. There used to be large folding tables set up along both sides of the chamber with huge stacks of documents each Councilor would need to review during the meeting with the bins next to them. Now most of the support material is electronic so fewer bins are needed and no folding tables. It looks much better this way.

Governor & Council Chambers at the NH State House

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  1. Impressive! I have imagined New Hampshire and seen movies shot there....I am envious!

    Except for the stormy winters....LOL.


  2. What a beautiful room! I love the tall ceilings and the lovely wood trim around the massive doors. Very impressive.
    Here are my Saturday Snapshots.

  3. How fascinating, and how impressive it looks. When was it actually built? My Snapshot is at

    1. They started discussing it in 1814 and the first session held in the new state house was 1819. Full history at
      I work in the "new" building across the street that they built when they needed more space which was finished in 1895.

  4. Elegant, even with the bright yellow recycling bins. If you hadn't pointed them out, I may have missed them.

  5. It is a lovely room. How great to be there for the Writers Week, and that they've made such advances with reducing waste.

  6. Nice room, but they could have classier recycling bins ... just sayin'.


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