Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday - Catch up

I was really trying to keep up with the excellent questions for Sew Thinky Thursday. It didn't work. This week I was all set to go and there wasn't a question--which actually made me feel better about missing so many. In reading back over the questions I had missed one of them jumped out at me as something I wanted to answer, so here it goes.

Bad sewing habits. Do you have them? Share with us, what are your worst habits when it comes to sewing?

There were quite a few posts linked up on this, and I have some of the same habits that others wrote about. I only consider some of them bad though. I definitely have multiple projects going at once, but I don't see that as a bad habit. It gives me options when I have time to sew. Am I in the mood to piece or to quilt? Either way I have a project going I can jump right into. 
I do have some bad sewing habits though:
  1. I don't change my needle as often as I am supposed to. I did recently learn about the very effective zig-zag to quarter-inch reminder feature that was mentioned in Karen's comment on Stitched in Thyme.
  2.  I put pins in my mouth. I have done this since I started sewing in HS and I doubt I will change at this point. My mom, who sews a lot and never does this used to tell me all the time not to do it. It is really handy. A friend of mine who just started quilting just leaves the pins on the surface of her machine as she slides them out ahead of the needle. I have tried to start doing this and have had some success.
  3. Related to my friend's good example, I also sew over pins. I am working on this along with #2. In my defense on both points I use as few pins as I possibly can. I am NOT a pinner.  

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