Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crafty Awesomeness in Manchester

I spent the afternoon checking out all the crafty awesomeness at Not Your Grandma's Craft Fair.
Thanks to Amy at Gunther's Goodies for telling me about it!

There were tons of beautiful and clever things for sale, but a few booths particularly stood out for me:

  • Tashi Designs had absolutely beautiful fused glass creations. The colors and patterns were fabulous.
  • The pictures at SepiaLepus Illustrations were wonderful -- lots of squid. Also great map illustrations, a California picture is in the artist's future, and when it gets done I'm going to need one.
  • Cadaver Carnival had fun earrings--I got some pumpkin ones--and an excellent squid sculpture/jar.
  • Super cute lunch bags and snack bags at Sew Happy.
  • Weaving Willow Designs had woven scarves that felt like silk and the blend of colors in each one was gorgeous. They also had jewelry made by crocheting very fine wire which was amazing.
  • I liked everything at Elegantly Eclectic!
  •  If you need an animal puppet (and really, who doesn't?) there were great ones at Bobbins.
  • AlyBird Art's journals and bookmarks and mixed media art were really cool, and are made from books that have already lived a useful life and been discarded by the library (the artist was nice enough to tell me about where she gets her books )
  • In 2 weeks or so I will have a fabulous switchplate for my kitchen made with a photograph from Amanda's Home Adornments. The magnets were very tempting as well.
  • I already own more candles than any six households need, otherwise one of the multi-colored pillar candles from Starfire's Creations would have gone home with me.
  • Vintage buttons become cool earrings and rings and such when Heartlosers get hold of them.

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